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When We set up Sourcing The Earth, back in 2007, we had a clear vision of what we wanted; to discover artisan wineries that, apart from producing high quality wines, would also have very interesting individuals creating them. Personal relationships are as important as the product, which in my opinion, are an essential “must have” factor. Eventually we all become friends, and tasting wines together is a priceless experience. Few years ago , we extended our experiences to other related fields and right now we event organize a la carte tours, and even coordinate events when the liquid part is also important.


Wine agency.

The content of the bottle must be much more than just fermented grape juice. It should be the expression of the region where it is produced.  When tasted, the wine must have the power to transport you to their winery. Combined with the grape variety, terroir and culture of Spain, it should be bottled by a wine-maker who also cares about the environment and takes an interest in the creation of the special details that make a wine exceptional.  


By applying this concept we have successfully put together carefully selected wineries from different areas of Spain that are producing extremely interesting wines, with their own peculiarities but with some common values: family-run wineries, cultivating their own vineyards. With the use of organic (ecological) methods and/or Bio-dynamic philosophies in the vineyard and the wine making process, they make as few interventions as possible in the natural wine-making traditions, and in an honest ethical manner.


The product presentation is also very important. Working with the producers, we have created some beautiful labels that somehow express the philosophy of each wine.


We wish to present a selection of fine wines to our potential clients that show the contemporary panorama of the world of wines in Spain. Sourcing The Earth would like to be recognized as The New Wave of Spanish Wine, offering wines that are completely different from the sad image that Spain has previously been famous for: cheap high-volume wines.

Back to our mission; the first part of our job is what we explained above. That is only part of the venture, the other and equally important priority is our relationship with the clients that we want to build. Our job is not only to offer a choice of excellent wines, but we aim to be the link between the winery and the buyer. We know that cultures, even in a globalized world, are still excitingly different; having lived in Asia and being Spanish helped me to understand that fact. We try to manage our client relationships accordingly to bring a balanced and smooth communication at all stages of business. Again, on this side of the venture, personal relationships are very important and we are confident to say that the importer is also our friend. And there is nothing better than getting together with some friends (producer and buyer ) over a nice glass of  wine while talking about life, hopes and dreams (and a little  bit of business).

At the moment we deal with over 20 different wineries* from Spain, Italy and Japan as well as with Japanese Sake (

*contact us if you need to see our portfolio, (due to different deals in different countries we can not show it here) 

Gastronomy related tours

Bringing our Asian clients to Spain or sometimes to other European countries, was not an easy task...Everyone have their own needs and you can not put them all in the same pack. So we found out that many of our clients were happy with our arrangements, and as we have the passion for food ( top notch or very local) we decided to create a Gastro Tour , including culture, Wine or even Sake and of course nice restaurants or even Taylor made culinary experiences in Europe.


That was the last task we wanted to include in our activities, being able to coordinate any kind of event, and knowing the key people in each country to achieve an amazing and unforgettable event, we decided to offer our services , putting together our passions: food & Beverage, Culture, ​and most importantly :Individuals.

Please get in touch with us if you want to receive further information for any of the activities we accomplish. 




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